About Eurocar TT...

With almost 20 years’ experience, Eurocar TT offers its expertise in the field of tourism. Our mission is to make your holiday plans easy by offering simple and flexible solutions. We make leasing a car in Europe easy.

With our experienced and attentive to your needs staff, you can now travel with confidence.

We offer attractive and competitive services:

-  Citroën Short-Term Leasing: Driving in Europe for two weeks or more? Considering a one way car rental in Europe? A Citroën car lease in Europe may be a much better value for you than a long term or one way car rental. We arrange European auto leases ranging for contract length between 13 days to 175 days — in France, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Italy, Spain, and Portugal.

-  Traditional car rental: Eurocar TT also offers car rental from 3 to 30 days in 9 European countries: France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Ireland, Croatia and Portugal and 2 islands in the Caribean islands : Guadeloupe and Martinique. We offer flexible insurance plans and a broad class of vehicles.

Eurocar TT takes pride in offering exceptional service and to reward the loyalty of its customers.

We are all about transparency, best price and thorough service from start to finish.

Eurocar TT holds a Quebec permit.

Our Team

Left to right:
M Erwan EVEN President,
Mme Jennie BITTNER-DUMAS Operations Manager,
Mme Carole BARTHELEMY Consultant and Car Rental Specialist,
Mme Marie-Claude GAGNON  Consultant and Citroën Leasing Specialist,
M Lotfi CHAOUACHI Sales Representative.

Eurocar TT


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    Montréal, QC, Canada
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  • (514) 274-4449
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    1 (855) CITROEN
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  • Weekdays 9am to 4pm *Opening hours may vary according to bank holidays