As each year before, the service and responsiveness of you and your colleagues has been wonderful…….quick, detailed, and friendly.  And, as usual, our car was ready, waiting for us at the airport, and with local assistance, we quickly and efficiently acquainted ourselves with it and drove off on our Holiday.  We upgraded ourselves to the Citroën C3 AirCross this year and have enjoyed this vehicle immensely…...we are so pleased we made that choice.  Thank you for your assistance each year, and we will soon begin the process for arranging for next year’s vehicle.” – October 2019

Mr. Super, Florida USA. Loyal customer since 2016.

CITROËN C3 - 2019

Vitré, Rocher-Sévigné Castle” – August 2019

Mr. & Mrs. Drouin, Laval Canada. Loyal Citroën customers since 2007 !


September 2019

Mr. Monticone, Rosemere Canada. Loyal customer since 2009 !


Calabria, Italy – September 2019

Mr. & Mrs. Lemmetti, North Carolina USA. Loyal customers since 2015.

PREMIUM DS4 - 2018

The car delivery went perfectly, as always” – November 2018

Mr Dillon and his beautiful dog Darcy, Santa Rosa USA. Loyal customer since 2016.

CITROËN C3 - 2018

I wanted to tell you how great our car lease, that you helped me organize, worked out. The car was brand new, of course, the Nav System worked perfectly, the i phone interface was great, the car got good mileage, it had plenty of power, the office at the Nice Airport was easy to find, the young man that ran the office was great, the color was even nice. When we returned it, the process could not have been easier. I would never consider renting a car in Europe. Your service just works great. ” – October 2018

Mr. Dahlberg, Truckee USA. New customer 2018.


September 2018

Mr Clarke, Annapolis USA. Loyal customer since 2015.

PREMIUM DS3 - 2018

We got delivery of the DS, it was a great joy both driving and comfort! Thank you so much! ” – September 2018

Mr Wong, Malaysia. New customer 2018.


Here I am with my Citroen C3 Aircross in the heart of the medieval village of Segur-le-Chateau – officially one of the ‘Most Beautiful Villages’ in France. Thanks again for all your help in making this such a great experience! ” – September 2018

Mr Alexander, Greenville USA. Loyal customer since 2016.


Great car!  The young man at Nice did a super briefing job on the car. ” – September 2018

Mr Chadbourne, Washington USA. Loyal customer since 2008 !


Everything about the car rental was great. The pick-up was extremely easy. The car was there. And, with just a signature I was on my way. The car was exactly what I needed and very economic. Thanks for everything.” – August 2018

Mr Brooks, California USA. New customer 2018.

CITROËN C3 - 2018

Our journey has finished! We loved the car it was absolutely perfect, and had 0 issues along the way. We ended up traveling 20,600kms and visiting 23 counties with the car. Here is a picture of us at the drop off today.” – July 2018

Adam Gilewicz and Julie Anctil, Canada. New customers 2018.


Mrs Smith, Ontario Canada. New customer 2018.

CITROËN C3 - 2018

The car is exactly what we expected and as I mentioned, the people at TT car at CDG were extremely helpful and quite friendly..” – July 2018

Mr Philip S., USA. Loyal customer since 2016.


Driving in the capital of champagne EPERNAY with Pandora ANWYL !” – July 2018

Mr & Mrs Arturaola, Florida USA. New customers 2018.


Here is the promised photo of my wife, Nancy Haley, with our EurocarTT Citroen. We were in the hills outside of Cahors when this was taken. Nancy was about to depart on 8-9 more stages of her walk across France following the Chemin de Compostelle from Le Puy en Velay to St.-Jean-Pied-de-Port. She will be done with about 3/4 of the walk this summer and will finish the French portion next year. Cheers!.” – June 2018

Mr & Mrs Haley, United States. Loyal customers since 2015.

CITROËN C3 - 2018

We were very happy with our car delivery.  The park and fly staff were prompt in picking us up from Schiphol airport.  When we arrived at their office, the staff was very polite and welcoming.  They were very efficient in their manner and very helpful in explaining the operation of our 2018 Citroen C3.  We have nothing but the greatest respect and appreciation for this process. ” – June 2018

Mr & Mrs  Poulton, Regina Canada. New customers 2018.

CITROËN C3 - 2018

This is a picture of Darrien, Sarah, and Dana with the car in Montmorillon not far from Poitiers. Our experience working with Marie-Claude Gagnon at Euro Car TT has been excellent despite the fact that our airline changed its arrival and departure airport from Charles de Gaulle to Orly after we had booked the car, requiring that the pick-up and drop-off location be changed. The adjustment was done seamlessly, and we have the pleasure of a new car during our time in France. Again thanks for handling the change.” – April 2018

Mr. Ulloth, USA. Client since 2016.

CITROËN C3 - 2017

Everything went fine at Heathrow. Signed two papers at office and we were off...only to be caught up in the huge backups heading west. Felt as if we crossed the Atlantic faster! Auto drives well and no problems (so far) being left hand drive whilst driving on left. Enclosing picture of car parked near our cottage in Wiltshire. Thanks for your help.” – September 2017

Mr. & Mrs. Wisniewski, USA. New clients 2017.

CITROËN C3 - 2017

We are loving the car! We just got to a really cute place in Croatia where we were able to finally take a nice picture. Here you go. Thank your again for all your help :) ” – April 2017

Mrs. Wright, USA. New Client 2017.

CITROËN C4 - 2017


Our reception by the Citroen representative in Nice was kind and friendly. We had to call him again from Paris as our flight missed the original connection and we had to go 3 hrs later. The gentleman was waiting for us and was very patient in explaining us all we needed to know to drive safely. This was the first time we leased an automatic in Europe, usually I have been happy with the stick shift. My wife insisted though as she thinks I am getting older and she wanted to be comfortable if she had to drive. The automatic, I must admit, is very comfortable. The C4 is still very frisky; I have no problems with acceleration when I merge into traffic on expressways. The normal speed limit is about 80+ mph or 130 km/hr and the C4 is smooth and very impressive in its handling. The brakes are good; there is no pulling sideways even in a quick stop. I am most impressed with the electronics: the cruise control, the parking assist, the warning lights in the side mirrors when a car approaches my 'blind spot" are all great. We are impressed with how well the GPS works in finding places in towns and cities despite of the numerous construction sites.

All in all, we are very happy with the Citroen after driving leased Renaults on many occasions in the past. Clearly, French cars are well made, user friendly and my wife doesn't get a chance to drive it ....” – April 2017

Mr. R., USA. New client 2017.

CITROËN C4 - 2016

...just a fast note to say how impressed we were with the C4 car, and especially  the customer service from start to finish.  Special kudos to you and Albert in Barcelona. All best and looking forward to working with you again.” – October 2016

Mr. Stoner, Virginia USA. New Client 2016.

CITROËN C4 - 2016

Yes everything went well with our pick up . We are enjoying our car very much. Thanks for checking in on us!” – July 2016

Ms. Wieser, USA. New Client 2016.


''All is well with [...] our beloved Grand C4 Picasso''- June 2016
Mr. Hubbell, Walnut Creek CA. Client since 2012.


“The pickup in Bordeaux was smooth, quick and very well done.  We arrived, made a call to the number you provided and were picked up within minutes.  Our car was ready for us and we were on the road within 30 minutes of arriving in Bordeaux.  We have now driven the car for one month and could not be happier with it...” – May 2016

Mr. Law, Windsor Canada. Client since 2015.


“The man in Frankfurt picked us up at the terminal and was very nice. The car looks great and the best paint job of the three we have leased.” – April 2016

Mr. Boughey, San Rafael USA. Client since 2013.


«Short story is that it’s a really responsive vehicle with nice features.  We would rent it again.» - September 2015

Mr. Kubiak, Redwood City USA. Client since 2011.


"We had such a positive experience with the short term lease program in November, 2018 that we decided to lease a Citroen Cactus in November, 2019! The result was the same: great service from the Eurocartt office in Canada and from the people in France! The car performed well and was perfect for us as we traveled through France in Normandy, Brittany, and the Toulouse area. Thank you Eurocartt for facilitating a great holiday!” – December 2019

Mr. & Mrs. Fagnou, St. Brieux, Saskatchewan. Loyal customers since 2018.


"Here is a photo of our friends Barbara and Pat left to right, together with Betsy and me enjoying our leased Berlingo.  We covered France, Spain and Portugal.  The car performed perfectly and the luggage area was sufficient for all our bags.  This was our second Berlingo and we would do it again. Thanks for your help.” – August 2019

Mr. Clack & friends, Texas USA. Loyal Citroën customer since 2015.


Photo taken in front of the Portugal Atlantic coast.

"Many adventures and nearly 10,000 kilometers later we are a few days from the end of our trip this year (…) Having the ability to be mobile on our schedule has been amazing and highly recommended. I plan to speak with you regarding another adventure in Europe for 2019. Talk soon and many thanks. ” – December 2018

Mr Galey, California USA. New Citroën customer.

CITROËN C3 - 2018

The pick-up went very smoothly and I've enjoyed driving the C3.  It handles very well - even in the mountainous Corsica landscape! I'd recommend the service to friends.” – November 2018

Mrs Williams, Charlotte USA. New customer 2018.


Photo of leased Citroen amphitheater in Pula Croatia.  Thank you IdeaMerge and EurocarTT for making our travel safe, fun, easy, and affordable. ” – October 2018

Mr & Mrs Newbry, Corvallis USA. Citroën loyal customers since 2016.


Our Citroën has been excellent.  We’ve been touring southern France and Italy for the last few of weeks, and our Spacetourer has been perfect for our family.  It was also quick and easy to pick up the vehicle here in France.” 

The Murray family, USA. New customers 2018.


We had a great flight and the pick-up went smoothly, everyone we dealt with was very professional.  Here are some pics from our drive in Swiss Alps.” – September 2018

Mr Rutner, California USA. New customer 2018.

PREMIUM DS4 - 2018

We are very happy with the delivery and the DS, the car does very well in the Swiss Alps.” – Septermber 2018

Mr Huber, Medford USA. New customer 2018.


We just arrived home in Perpignan with the new car. It is fantastic. It’s easy to drive and comfortable. The pearl white colour is exactly what I would have chosen. Getting the car was extremely easy. Once we were at the airport I called the office and in 5 minutes the gentleman arrived to take us to the car lot and office where everything was ready to go. We were on our way very quickly. He was really helpful in setting up the GPS in French (I follow it more easily in French!) directly to my address in Perpignan. Stress free. I’ll send a photo to you tomorrow.” – Septermber 2018

Mrs Roberts, Vancouver Canada. New customer 2018.


Picture taken in St Vicenc de Montalt, Barcelona. – August 2018

Mrs O’Donovan, Hanoi Vietnam. Loyal customer since 2016.


We took these on the autoroute from NL to Fr.  The car is a pleasure to drive. Handles very well, roomy enough for us. Martha loves the color .” – July 2018

Mr & Mrs Friendly, Toronto Canada. Loyal customers since 2012.

CITROËN C3 - 2018

Everything went smoothly with the car and lease. I do have one wish; it would be great if pick-up and return could be done right at the airport. Then one would not need the courtesy bus. Many thanks.” – July 2018

Mr A. T. Lauria, Ohio USA. Citroën loyal customer since 2010.


Greetings from Spain where all is going very well. After excellent service in Madrid when we picked our Citroen up, the Picasso is taking us places in a rather smooth manner. The car is just perfect for our trip.” – July 2018

Mr Puente, California USA. Loyal customer since 2016.


Mr Parsons & Mrs. Brown’s family, USA. New clients 2018.

CITROËN C3 - 2018

Delivery was just as easy this year as in the previous 18 years; same car as in the previous 4 or 5 years I think, in the non-descript gray color I like.  The car delivery outfit in Montpellier recognizes me every year.  I made the appointment for the car return when I picked up the car, so I only need to make sure I have no accident.” – May 2018

Mrs Wells, USA. Citroën loyal customer since 2013.

CITROËN C3 - 2018

(…) the direct-line phone was easy to see and Ann promptly came and picked us up (she had received our email about the delay). Ann was a delight. The paperwork was simple and we were soon on our way. I am attaching a photo of the car, taken yesterday when the weather was nice and sunny (today it is cloudy and rainy). The car is very cute- we have named her Poppy. She is very easy to drive- we just wish she had a backup camera- but other than that, it is a great car. Thanks again for all your assistance.” – May 2018

Mrs & Mr Styacko, Saskatoon Canada. New clients 2018.

CITROËN C3 - 2017

This photo was taken at a brief stop on our way to visit Montepulciano. The car has been great!  Excellent diesel mileage and easy to navigate on these narrow, winding roads.” – October 2017

Mr & Mrs McLendon, USA. New clients 2017.

CITROËN C4 - 2017

Everything went very smoothly with my Citroen C4 lease. Marco at Rome Fiumicino was fantastic. The car was fantastic. Very inexpensive to operate (diesel). Tons of room. Great nav system. Very comfortable for long hauls. Drives great. Pick up at Fiumicino was seamless. Drop-off at Marseilles airport was also very easy, very straightforward. The site was pre-programmed into our GPS and took us right there. I would use your service again and encourage anyone staying in Europe over a month to lease. Less expensive for comparable car from any of the rental companies! Thanks again for all of your assistance.” – June 2017

Mr Leventhal, USA. New client 2017.


We have been really pleased with the cars and the wonderful service, both in reserving the cars (YOU!!) and the folks at the Marseille airport - wonderful and so friendly and efficient!  We really love Eurocar!

By the way, cool car!!” – April 2017

Mrs & Mr Zenger, Portland USA. Clients since 2015.

CITROËN C3 - 2017

Here we are on the way to the Amalfi Coast on day two of our 99 day trip. The car is fine. Filled it with gas this morning.” – April 2017

Mr Osborne, USA. New client 2017.

CITROËN C4 - 2017

Mr Stoner, USA. Client since 2016.


"Everything was good with the car and service, thank you so much."
Mr Cubides & Friends, Laval Canada. New client 2016

CITROËN C3 - 2016

“Thoroughly enjoying our C3 in Blois, France.” – December 2016

Mr and Mrs Webden, Ontario Canada. New Clients 2016.

CITROËN C3 - 2016

“Picked up the car this morning. Everything was ready and effortless. Great team. Great car!”  – July 2016
Mr Wright, United Arab Emirates. New Client 2016.


“We collected the car last week and it all went very smoothly. Already given it a nickname (Boris)! Thanks for all your help!” – June 2016

The Bates family, Calgary Canada. New Client 2016.

CITROËN C3 – 2016

"We do enjoy our car very much.  The size is perfect, we are most happy with the manual driving and diesel, and our fuel mileage is over 50 miles per gallon!!!  Very impressive!!!  (…) it has more than adequate power and is very easy to operate.  We both really like the car!!!  I am impressed with the sun roof.” - June 2016

Mr Horwath, Spokane USA. New Client 2016.


Mr Brown, Gigharbor USA. New client 2016.

Photo taken in June 2016, in Varenna, Lake Como.

CITROËN C4 - 2014

«I have never had a more perfect little car than the Citroen C4.  I would do it again!»  - February 2014

The Rt. Honorable Adrienne Clarkson. Client since 2014.


At Costa Di Bussia Winery .... Pandora and I ...went back to where our love story started ...16 years ago .....The Vineyards In Barolo .... Piemonte Italy .... this is what your Citroen from EuroCar rental can do Europe ... plus we met the winery owner Paolo!!! Happy to drive Citroen !!” – September 2019

Mr. & Mrs. Arturaola, Florida USA. Citroën customers since 2018.


The experience with the Citroen we leased/rented, in France, from your company was very positive. The paper work, pickup/drop-off and the vehicle itself could not have been better. Thanks-you.” – November 2018

Mr & Mrs Fagnou, St-Brieux Canada. New customers 2018.


November 2018

Mrs Carvalho, Sao Paulo Brazil. Citroën loyal customer since 2016.

CITROËN C3 - 2018

The car has been great. Driving a C3 around has made it much easier on us to navigate traffic. If it wasn’t for the navigation system, we’d be in big trouble out here too! We’ve certainly enjoyed having a new car to tour around Europe in. This is us in Brussels. Thanks again!” – October 2018

Mr Jasso, Fredericksburg USA. New customer 2018.

CITROËN C3 - 2018

September 2018

Mr & Mrs Johnson, Seattle USA. Loyal customers since 2015.

PREMIUM DS3 - 2018

“Thank you very much for helping me with my journey. The car is amazing. I would highly recommend you service to all my friends. Attached is my picture in the car. If you like it, please use it as you wish.  Now back at home in New York. Thanks again. – September 2018

Mrs Artemova, New York USA. New customer 2018.


Mr Lemmetti, USA. Loyal customer since 2015.


Everything went very smooth, the car is great, thank you. I took some pictures of the car in Switzerland today. – August 2018

Mr Goher, Canada. New customer 2018.

PREMIUM DS3 - 2018

The DS3 has performed well. We drove here from CDG, will visit Gerona next week, then drive to Paris. Fuel efficiency is about 16km/Liter. – August 2018

Mr De Angelis, Pennsylvania USA. Loyal Citroën customer since 2008!


The delivery of the vehicle was very smooth and efficient. The pick up at the airport was also very good. After confirming the paperwork, we were given a brief description of the operating procedures of the Citroen.  We were then on our way. The vehicle has been excellent for us. We have driven to multiple places and on a variety of roads, and the vehicle has performed very well. The two very back seats do not provide much room for passengers but they have been useful to us on some occasions.

Thank you for your pleasant and efficient service. – August 2018

Mr Crocco. New customer 2018.


In front of our B&B in the Dordogne France. Great car, loved it for over 3000 miles. Great service by your agents in Amsterdam and Toulouse! We will do this again, maybe next year! – July 2018

Mr Ryckebosch, Scottsdale United States. Loyal customer since 2016.

CITROËN C3 - 2018

We have now returned from our trip to France & Italy and we had a wonderful time. We actually had 4 people in the car when we went to Italy for the week and we had room for all the luggage – but it was a bit tight. Many times I was thankful for being in a small car since many roads are much more narrow than I’m used to. In addition the motorcycle and scooter drivers in Italy make it very difficult to drive safely at times. Overall things went well and we put nearly 4900 km on the vehicle during our vacation. Back in Michigan with many wonderful memories. – July 2018

Mr Krestel, Michigan USA. New customer 2018.

CITROËN C3 - 2018

We just got back and it was sad dropping off our red and white C3! We had such a great time on our honeymoon which took us through Portugal, Spain and France. We drove just over 4,500 kms throughout the month and our C3 was a fun, reliable little car that took us through the cities (even Paris and around the Arc de Triomphe roundabout - note for next time - take transit into Paris), the country side (the hills and switchbacks of the Douro Valley were incredibly beautiful), the beach towns of Spain, and the large comfortable toll highways. Thank you for helping make this such a great experience and we will be doing this again in 5 years from now! 

Here we are with our C3 at the Mirador de Casal de Loivos "look out" which has a panoramic view over the town of Pinhão and the Douro River. – July 2018

Mr & Mrs Reid, Ontario Canada. New customers 2018.


Pick up in Madrid was extremely smooth. Having a wonderful time! – April 2018

Mr Lemmetti, USA. Citroën loyal customer since 2015.


We really enjoyed the whole car lease experience this summer, leasing the Citroën C5 Touring from EuroCar TT. The representative from EuroCar TT that we used (Marie-Claude Gagnon) was very courteous, clear in her communication, and pleasant to work with – both via email and over the phone. Pickup in Paris was easy, and the car performed flawlessly. Having the built in GPS really made the trip much easier to drive. It was very nice that the navigation came already set up for English. While we could have used our cell phones for navigation, the built in navigation was easier to use for us, especially navigating the round-a-bouts. Having the rear camera was extremely helpful when parking on crowded streets. Engine performance was very good, the climate control worked very well. The seats were comfortable, too. We didn’t use the radio or music system at all, so we cannot comment on the quality of the sound system. Drop off was also very easy and, again, the staff was quite helpful. – September 2017

Mr. & Mrs. Martin, USA. New clients 2017.


Hello Marie,

Just now had a chance to drop you this note and share with you how happy we were with your service and the car was exactly what we wanted and performed very well.

Had no problem picking up the car in Lyon as you had mentioned. I am including a photo of the car alongside my wife, we had a great vacation thanks again for all your help and would definitely recommend your service to all a friends who travel and need a car while in Europe. – August 2017

Mr & Mrs Versley, USA. New clients 2017.

CITROËN C4 - 2017

Everything worked perfect from picking up to return. C4 is excellent conformable and powerful very nice and enjoyable ride. – June 2017

Mr & Ms Arbutina, USA. New client 2017.

CITROËN C3 - 2017

Just back from an incredible trip in France. The car was perfect, got us into the smallest of spaces and roadways. We were having just too much of a good time. The boys at both ends of the purchase were wonderfully helpful and polite. In fact we found everyone we encountered in France to be enchanting, it helps being Canadian I suspect, especially when you at least try to speak French. More often than not, they found my Ottawa/Hull accent “charming”.  

On the ‘Route du Bord de Mer’ or ‘Prom de la Plage’, between Nice and Antibes.

Thanks for all your help, would do it again in a flash – March 2017

Mr Logan, Canada. New Client 2017.


Our trip is going wonderfully, our little Cactus is perfect for our needs and we are seeing a great deal of the French countryside in it. We've been to see the great chateaux in the Loire and are at present exploring the Dordogne ...loving every second of it. Thanks  – September 2016

Mr Chitwood, Dallas USA. New Client 2016.

Photo taken in Amboise at Manor Saint Thomas.

CITROËN C3 - 2016

“The delivery went smoothly and it's been great with the car so far.  Thanks so much for all your help. […] The experience has been great and I hope to do it again soon. Thanks.  – July 2016
Mr. VigneuxOntario Canada. New Client 2016.


“We love our C4 Picasso!  It's exactly what we hoped for - lots of space inside for camping equipment, and some great features (good GPS).  It's very easy to drive and has such good visibility in all directions.” – April 2016

Mr. Paynter, Calgary Canada. New Client 2016.


Mr. & Ms. Burke, Manchester USA. Clients since 2013.

Photo taken in April 2016


« Ha! Perfect silver! The thing drives like a dream! » - September 2015
Mr Poonwah. New client 2015.

CITROËN C5 - 2015

«The Citroen C5 is such a nice car!» - June 2015

Mr Seefeldt,  Menlo Park USA. Client since 2008.

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