The following is a summary of the short-term lease formula, that do not replace or override the General Conditions of SODEXA and AUTOMOBILES CITROËN. For the complete Terms & Conditions, click here.


“TT” program, also named “car leasing in Europe” or “Buy-Back” in North America, means Temporary Transit. It is a French system based on temporary admission. Under the TT system, people living outside the European Union or in a French overseas department or territory can acquire a new vehicle exempt from duties and VAT for their stay in France*. The vehicle can be used across the European Union for a period usually limited to six months*. Clients get a special French license with red plates allowing free movement throughout Europe. *Some exceptions apply.

Citroën and DS Automobiles Car-2-Europe - previously known as Citroën EuroPass - is the official name of the Citroën and DS Automobiles brand new car leasing purchase scheme of vehicles registered in France under the temporary transit system in Europe belonging to and operated by SODEXA and AUTOMOBILES CITROËN. Eurocar TT is an authorised representative of SODEXA and AUTOMOBILES CITROËN in North America. Accordingly, we act for SODEXA and AUTOMOBILES CITROËN in the capacity as booking agent. We do not provide the underlying vehicle, accessories or associated services. When customer formalise the contractual arrangements, he is contracting directly with SODEXA and AUTOMOBILES CITROËN


In accordance with the Citroën Car-2-Europe Purchase Order, customer will be provided with: a brand-new Citroën or DS Automobiles vehicle, unlimited mileage, comprehensive insurance with no excess*, 24/7 Assistance call centre and no additional driver fees (conditions apply). All our vehicles come with 10 to 15 liters of fuel. Cars can be returned with and empty tank. An option "Full of Tank" can be purchased at the time of booking. At the end of the contract, customers have the option of purchasing their vehicle on preferential terms.

All vehicles feature a touchscreen with GPS Europe Navigation system, an audio system and a rearview camera, a Bluetooth hands-free kit and USB plug, air-conditioning, a Visibility Pack including automatic headlamps and front window wipers, front electric windows, airbags, ABS and ESP, cruise control and speed limiter, power steering, central locking, a luggage cover and a French safety kit (1 warning triangle and 1 fluorescent safety vest).

*The comprehensive insurance with no excess includes: Driver civil liability, vehicle fire damage, theft (requires police report), glass damage, punctures, all accident-related damages to the vehicle, including acts of vandalism (requires police report), legal fees, driver warranty, towing of the vehicle, 24/7 Roadside Assistance for breakdowns and accidents, vehicle theft, attempted theft or vandalism and finding emergency solutions to enable you to continue your trip


The program does not include: Fuel, loss or theft of baggage and personal effects, cost of revisions (every 20 000 kms), delivery and return fees outside France (if applicable), motorway/toll charges and traffic/parking violation fines, cost for the lost, stolen or damaged keys and/or Grey card (car registration document) and accessories.

For the complete exclusions, refer to Car-2-Europe Purchase Order Conditions of Sales.


To take advantage of Car-2-Europe temporary transit program, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Be 18 years old and hold a current full driver’s licence. No maximum age.
  • Have their main place of residence outside the European Union or in a French overseas department or territory.
  • Exercise no income-generating activity paid by a company based in the European Union during the stay.
  • Stay temporarily in metropolitan customs territory (less than 180 days).

Any person meeting Temporary Transit eligibility requirements can benefit from a Citroën or a DS Car-2-Europe vehicle for a maximum of 175 days*. To be eligible for Car-2-Europe program you must be:

  • A RESIDENT of a European Union member state waiting for relocation to a state outside the European Union.
  • A STUDENT living outside European Union or in a French overseas department/territory and who is studying in Europe.
  • An INTERN competing an internship or assignment and whose usual place of residence is outside European Union or in France’s overseas department/territory.
  • Any person whose usual place of residence is outside European Union or in France’s overseas department/territory and who is completing his/her national service in Europe.

*This period may be extended to 12 months from the initial authorisation for students, national service conscripts or people on an internship or assignment (the salary must be paid by a company in the same country of residence). Journalists who prove that they are foreign press correspondents accredited by the French government may take advantage of the TT system for the duration of their assignment. The customer must check the local legislation to know what type of driver's license is accepted depending on the length of his contract.


The people entitled to drive the TT vehicle are:

  • The contract holder (his/her name is listed on the registration certificate).
  • The spouse and direct descendants and ascendants of the contract holder can also drive the car provided if they are attached to the same taxable household. The term ‘spouse’ is understood in the broadest sense and may apply to a cohabiting partner or civil partner, provided that proof of this relation is provided.
  • Any occasional driver, that meet the same conditions as the contract holder, is authorized to drive in the presence of the contract holder inside the vehicle.


The minimum paid lease period is generally 21 days, although you can return your vehicle within 21 days without any reimbursement. Maximum length of contracts by place of delivery:

  • France and the rest of Europe: 175 days (and up to 355 days under certain conditions)
  • Portugal: 90 days

Specific information for Portugal: Under Portuguese legislation, TT vehicles can stay in the country for no longer than 90 days. A non-renewable document entitled “GUIA DE CIRCULACAO”, signed and sealed by a commissioner for oaths, is required and must be obtained from customs. You will also need to acquire a transponder to pay for the right to use toll motorways. We advise you to do this at the border or at one of the customs offices in the main cities and ports. Customers failing to comply may incur severe customs penalties.


Car-2-Europe vehicles are covered by Insurance and 24/7 Assistance in any of the following countries:

Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cyprus (Greek part only), Croatia, Czech Republic , Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France (Metropolitan), Germany, Gibraltar, Greece (Continental only), Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia (FYROM), Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Saint Marin, Serbia (Except Kosovo), Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Vatican city. Islands that are part of the countries listed above, excluding Greece, are also allowed. E.g.: the Balearic and Canary Islands (Spain) - Sardinia and Sicily (Italy) - Madeira and Azores (Portugal) - Corsica (France).

Customers are not authorised to travel outside the countries listed on the green card or on roadside assistance. Non- authorised countries include Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey in particular.

IMPORTANT: Due to conditions resulting from Brexit, cars can no longer be taken or driven to the UK. Any TT customer who will enter the UK with a TT vehicle will have to pay an import tax of 10% of the full Citroën constructor listing price of the car (not the price of the TT contract) regardless of the delivery and return stations. Eurocar TT and Citroën Car-2-Europe will not be held responsible and will in no case assume the 10% import duty related to TT cars.


Child seats (compulsory for children under 10 years in France), and other accessories are at an additional charge (to be pre-paid) and must be requested at the time of booking. Accessories will not be reimbursed when the vehicle is returned. All vehicles are fitted with standard tyres only. To meet the legal requirements of some countries over the winter months (Nov-Mar, or as the weather requires) you may need a vehicle with special tyres and/or snow chains. Contact us for more information.


All booking requests are subject to availability. Bookings should be made as far in advance as possible to have the best chance of obtaining the vehicle of your choice. 

BOOKING DEPOSIT: A $ 400.00 CAD* deposit is required upon reservation. This deposit is non- refundable in case of cancellation. The deposit payment is a confirmation of the reservation. This payment confirms that you accept the Terms & Conditions and constitutes a deposit of the total booking amount, this amount will be deducted from your final invoice. *For US citizens, a deposit of $ 300.00 USD will be required upon reservation.

FINAL PAYMENT: Final payment is required 45 days prior departure.

CANCELLATION FEES: Up to 22 days or more before delivery date: $ 400.00 CAD or $ 300.00 USD. Less than 22 days before delivery date: $ 1400.00 CAD or $ 1200.00 USD.

AMENDMENTS: Amendments, regardless of the change, are subject to acceptance by Car-2-Europe. Up to 30 working days before delivery: No additional cost other than the price adjustment following the changes. Any adjustment of the rate will be calculated according to the original rate at the date of booking. Changes to the delivery centre after registration and before the vehicle is shipped: $250 + additional cost for delivery abroad. Name changes on contract: $250. Exception for spouse or partner. It is not possible to add additional names on car registration or to register additional driver upon car delivery.

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